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Liquid lipsticks are everywhere now, all the big beauty brands sell them and if  your looking to buy one..or two or three it can be hard to know where to start! Hopefully this is where i can help you by reviewing the NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks! If you want to know all about these lipsticks then keep reading!


P R I C E:

I purchased my liquid lipsticks from Priceline for $14.95AU, i feel like this is a reasonable price and a nice medium between high end and low end lipsticks. Although if you plan on buying the whole collection this could end up being a small fortune! You get 4ml’s of product in each tube.

P A C K A G I N G:

The lingerie liquid lipsticks come in simple packaging, not too bulky – perfect to fit into a small clutch or bag if need be. It has a wand applicator with a long, flat tip. Im not particularly a fan of the applicator as i have small undefined lips and without a point on the wand and it being so large i find it difficult to get the perfect lip with this, i end up going back with concealer to create a nice even “lip line”.

R A N G E:

This range is all about the more subtle, nude shades hense the name of the line! There are 24 shades all up ranging from pinky nudes, to peachy nudes to deep browns. There is definitely a nude for everyone in this range. I feel as though there is quite a good selection to pick from because they have those “in-between” colours that a lot of other brands don’t have! so i didn’t find my self having the usual dilemma of ‘oh i like that one but i wish it was bit lighter or a tad more peachy’.

W E A R:

I am pretty impressed with how these wear over the day! compared to some other brands of liquid lipsticks these are very lightweight on the lips and you only need one thin layer to get full colour payoff. If you do more then one layer it does tend to cake up and dry out so try not to layer it up if possible, also if you can’t stand the ‘dry’ feeling of matte liquid lipsticks i find patting on a light layer of lip balm before applying the lipstick   works really well to avoid that feeling without compromising the matte finish.


Top to Bottom: Lace Detail, Push Up, Bedtime Flirt, Embellishment, Exotic

O V E R A L L:

Overall i think these lipsticks are a great buy! The quality for the price is really good, you get a decent amount of product – they last a really long time and the colour range is great… 24 shades!? Its hard to resist buying every colour! There is definitely a shade for everyone in this range.

Thanks for reading lovelies ❤

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REVIEW: Essence Cosmetics Lipstick

Hello Beauties!

Today i thought i would do a quick review of Essences long lasting Lipstick. These lipsticks are so cheap and the quality is actually pretty good. I am a big fan of the brand Essence as they offer a wide range of makeup for great price! A lot of people walk straight past the stand thinking its childrens play makeup but its not.. i like to think of it as a hidden treasure because once you find it you want more and more!


Colours: They have a large range of colours in their lipsticks ranging from nudes to deep plum colours and pastels, my favourites are their pinks. Essence are constantly bringing out limited edition ranges with new exciting colours that are up to date with the current lipstick trends which is great because you can rely on them to have hot new colours when you want them!

Price:  Its amazing! I buy mine from Priceline in Aus, it costs $4.70AU per lipstick which is so cheap! (well known drug store brand lipsticks range from $16.95AU-$21.95AU)

Quality: I find for the price of these the quality is actually really good! For me they last most of the day when you wear them with a lip liner, and i sometimes touch up after lunch.

Essence Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Essence Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Essence Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Essence Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Overall i think these lipsticks are well worth purchasing! These lipsticks would be ideal for anyone just starting out there makeup collection or anyone who only has a few dollars left after paying all the bills because they are so affordable and are a great place to start with lipsticks.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!


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Review: Too Faced Melted Lipstick

Hey Beauties!

Today i thought i would do a quick review of the Too Faced melted lipsticks for you.


What these are:

The Too Faced melted lipsticks are pretty much what they claim to be.. melted lipsticks! They have a very light feel but are opaque in colour which is nice for those who want a full on lipstick without having to put a lot of product on.

How they wear:

For some reason i just can’t get these lipsticks to last very long on my lips! within a few minutes it starts to separate and sink into the lines on my lips which looks horrible and the colours i picked up tend to look quite milky when you wear them. I find myself reapplying this lipstick every hour or so which isn’t idea while i am at work. Also, if you don’t have perfectly white beautiful teeth they can make your teeth look really yellow even if they aren’t!

The Applicator:

One thing i did like about this product was the applicator. It is very simple and easy to use, you just squeeze the tube and the product comes out of the top. I noticed i always get a perfect application first go with this which is great as i have undefined, uneven lips so it can be difficult for me to get the perfect lip shape with lipstick.

The Price:

I Bought mine from Mecca Cosmetica online. I paid $30AU each for these which is a bit on the pricey side for a lipstick. Im sure you could find these cheaper elsewhere like Ebay for example.

Melted Lipstick in 'Marshmellow'

Melted Lipstick in ‘Marshmellow’

Melted Lipstick in 'Peony

Melted Lipstick in ‘Peony”

Melted Lipstick Applicator

Melted Lipstick Applicator


I wasn’t really impressed with these lipsticks. I bought them because i constantly seen other Bloggers raving about them so i decided to give them a go. I haven’t bought any other colours as i couldn’t justify spending $30 on one lipstick for the quality that I’m getting. The colour selection and pigmentation is great but they are not long lasting.

What was your thoughts on the Melted Lipstick range from Too Faced? Let me know in the comments down below!! Thanks so much for reading!

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REVIEW City Cosmetics City Lips plumping gloss

Hello everyone!
Today I’m doing a review on the City Lips lip plumping gloss from City a Cosmetics.

I picked up the clear gloss off the city cosmetics website for around $40AU. So what it is is a plumping lipgloss that is suppose to increase the size of your lips instantly and also over time with continuos use. What makes this different from other lip plumping glosses is this one doesn’t use an irritant like most other plumping glosses. City Lips uses HA plumping spheres & collagen peptides.


Now I’ll try anything that will plump up my lips without having surgery so when I seen Karissa Pukas from YouTube use this and seen the results I went online and purchased it straight away! I have thin undefined lips that have no shape or pout to them whatsoever. When I received this in the mail I opened it up straight away and put some on, I walked away from the mirror and went back about 3 minutes later and I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I SEEN! For the first time ever I had the lips I had dream of having! It was seriously amazing. Now, every time I wear this I get asked why my lips look so full and amazing, it’s because of this gloss.


It’s easy to use and has a nice doe foot applicator which I like. This gloss also comes in a variety of shades if you want a lipgloss with a pop of colour. I will leave you now with some photos of the results with this gloss on.

Overall I LOVE this product and recommend anyone with small lips to buy this, you won’t regret it!

before & after



Speak to you soon Beauties! Xx

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My top 3 M.A.C lipsticks

I think everyone who loves makeup would at least own one M.A.C lipstick.
They have SO many colours and finishes that it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes time to pick one, whether it be your first M.A.C lipstick or your 20th! So I thought I’d share with you my top 3 picks.
Now I’m someone who tends to wear a lot of nudes and peachy pinks, but the three colours I picked I feel cover all occasions that you may need a lippy for!


No. 1 ‘Lovelorn’ (Lustre)


Lovelorn is a beautiful nude/pink suitable for everyday wear. It’s a perfect colour for work, school or anything else you do daily. It has a beautiful creamy finish which looks fresh and youthful. This is defiantly a colour I reach for often as it is so versatile.


No. 2 ‘Ruby Woo’ (Matte)


Ruby Woo is your classic glamorous red lipstick. A lot of ladies own this colour and for a good reason! It’s a true blue based red that looks great with any look. By using this lipstick you could make any day look turn into a night look as it is quite a dramatic colour. If your looking for the perfect red lippy, this is it. It has a matte finish which I really like.


No. 3 ‘Candy Yum-Yum’ (Matte)


Last but not least we have Candy Yum-Yum! As you can see this colour is amazing! It’s one of the brightest pink lipsticks I have ever seen. It is a Matte finish which I think makes the colour pop even more. This colour is perfect for a night out on the town with the girls or if your feeling adventurous and want to try something a bit out there. It is perfect paired with a simple winged eyeliner to really make it pop!


Well that’s it for my top 3 M.A.C lipsticks I hope this helps you decide what colours you want to try or has inspired you to try something out of your comfort zone.

Leave a comment telling me what your fave M.A.C lipsticks are!

Stay Beautiful
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My current top 5 lip products <3

Hello beauties!

Today I thought I would share with you my current top 5 favourite lip products! Lip trends change constantly and I like to have a favourite few lipsticks in my bag to suit every makeup look and every mood. Let’s dive in!


5. NYX soft matte lip cream in ‘Antwerp’


I like to wear this lipstick with a simple eye because it’s a slightly darker colour, so nice when your looking for something a little more dramatic without being too over the top. The formula is amazing, the matte lip creams are so light on the lips, you can barely feel it on and it lasts all day long.

4. Burt’s Bee’s beeswax lip balm


This lip balm has been my SAVIOUR this winter!! My lips have been so dry and horrible nearly every day and this is the only lip balm that seems to soothe and help the dryness of my lips. It also has a nice tingly feeling but not to the point where it’s uncomfortable. This would definitely be one of the best lip balms I have ever tried.

3. Essence lipstick in colour ’08’


I have been wearing this lipstick when I’m feeling a bit bare with the Reston my makeup. This is the perfect colour to dress up any makeup look, it’s also great if you are wanting to go from a day time look to a night time look in one simple step! It’s the perfect barbie pink (: (it’s also super duper cheap, who doesn’t love a good bargain)

2. NYX round lipstick in ‘Tea Rose’


Now ladies, this is my idea of the perfect dupe for the famous Kylie Jenner Lip colour that girls all over the world are going crazy over. I can understand why she wears that colour so well! I couldn’t not include this in my top 5 fav’s (who doesn’t have this colour among their fav’s ATM?!)

1. Urban Decay Revolutionary lipstick in ‘native’

Last but not least I give you my absolute favourite go to lipstick right now – Urban Decay’s Native. This colour is BEAUTIFUL! I don’t even know the words to describe my love for this lippy. It is a perfect every day pinky nude with a creamy luxurious texture. This colour would suit most people, I wear it on a day to day basis as I usually wear a dramatic eye and I can never go past this lipstick. I can’t find another lipstick that’s yet to compare to this one, a must have in any make up addict’s collection.

Well that’s it for now guys I hope you enjoyed seeing my current top 5 lip products, let me know if you have used these colours before and what your thoughts are on them.

Until next time,

5 tricks and tips to make small lips look fuller/bigger!

Hey guys!

Today I thought I’d do a quick guide on how to make small lips look bigger!
These tips are great for anyone who wants to make their lips look a little bigger without doing something permanent to your lips (lip injections etc).
Anyone can do these simple steps all you need is lip liner, lipgloss, lipstick and a shimmer highlighter or eyeshadow.

1. Use lip liner around the edges of your lips to create your desired shape & size. Don’t forget to fill in the rest of your lips to keep the colour consistent, then apply lipstick.

2. Always wear lighter shades of lipstick, darker colours make your lips look smaller so if you have small lips you won’t be doing yourself any favours by wearing super dark lipstick.

3. Dab a lighter shade of lipstick in the middle of your lips to make them look plump.

4. Apply white eye liner or a shimmery light gold highlighter/eyeshadow to your cupids bow & under the centre of your bottom lip, make sure your blend it in so it’s not too harsh. This helps give the illusion of bigger lips

5. Lastly, always wear lipgloss, lipgloss reflects light, making lips look shiny, full & plump. If you don’t want to wear a gloss just dab a small amount of gloss on the centre of your lips instead of doing a full coat – this will still work.

Here is a before and after using the tips and tricks I have told you about above! 🙂


We’ll that’s it for now I hope these little tips were helpful! They definitely help me as I have small lips.

Have a lovely night

❤ Glamoureyesx