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I have a very exciting review for you today on the FENTY BEAUTY foundation and primer by Rihanna.. eeek! lets jump straight into it!IMG_2001




What the product claims to be: The Sephora website states that this is ‘A shine stopping, pore diffusing primer that smooths the way for a better foundation application and longer wear.’

Price: I purchased this primer on the Sephora website for $46AU, which is pretty pricey but you do get 32ml of product which is a little more then your average primer.

Packaging: It comes in a luxurious frosted glass bottle with a dusty pink lid and feels verrryy fancy, which you would expect for the price! IMG_2019

Application: This primer literally looks and feels like a hydrating, thick moisturiser. It is a soft pale pink colour, but this does not transfer to your face when applied. Although it is thick and creamy, it does not feel heavy on your skin which is good cause no body wants to feel like they are wearing a mask before they even get foundation on! I have large pores and i did notice this defused my pores, almost ‘blurred’ them and made for a nice smooth base for the foundation.IMG_2005IMG_2006



What this product claims to be: ‘A soft matte longer foundation with build able medium-to-full coverage, in a range of 40 shades.’ – Sephora website

Price: This retails for $50AU just $3 more then the Primer, again you get 32ml of product so just a bit more then your average foundation.

Packaging: The Foundation comes in a glass frosted bottle with a white shiny plastic cap, matching the primer’s packaging. I prefer the pink primer packaging though as the colour is so pretty! Both the primer and foundation have a pump which is great for easy dispensing!IMG_2009

Application: Now this foundation range has a HUGE 40 shades to pick from so it was really hard to pick a shade! There is pretty much a Neutral, Pink and Yellow undertone for every single shade making this range very diverse. Women of any colour can wear this foundation! I picked up the colour 190. After watching a few reviews of this foundation on Youtube i knew that this Foundation would oxidise so this made my decision a little easier between 200 and 190. Lucky for me this was a perfect match once oxidised (Thank god!) This foundation is very thin and watery like in consistency meaning you need to work fast once its on your face. I found that one pump covered my whole face with a Kabuki flat top brush. It applies medium coverage with one pump of product but easily built up into full coverage with another pump of product. It applies really beautifully on the skin, smoothes over any flaws like blemishes, large pores and makes a lovely base for the rest of your makeup. The coverage is a really great medium coverage and buildable to full coverage.IMG_2013

Wear: OKAY so, this foundation seriously feels amazing on the skin! It is very light and weightless which is so good for my oily skin gals! On me personally it kept oil at bay for a good 6 hours or so before i felt the need to re touch (i usually retouch every 3 hours or so as my skin is extremely oily) so for me this was GREAT! It minimised the appearance of my pores and created a super smooth base. I did not notice any separating throughout the day and it did not sink into my pores. It covered all of my blemishes, scarring and veins with two pumps of product, a little definitely goes a long way with this foundation. It dries to a matte finish so there isn’t really a need to set it if you prefer not to use a powder. I did notice it transfers just a little tiny bit, but not enough to deter me from wearing this foundation. Although it is matte, i definitely get what they mean by a soft matte finish, it still looks ‘skin like’. Its not like most matte foundations, looking dry settling in lines and pores, instead this makes your skin look soft and smooth (even if you have texture) while still giving you a matte finish but not paint like.20170919_084850

OVERALL: I am actually very surprised with these products! I was very skeptical at first thinking ‘oh this is just another gimmicky celebrity makeup line its not going to be good’ but after seeing a tone of reviews online nearly everyone had positive feedback so i thought id give it a go and its absolutely beautiful! So far i have no complaints at all, being an oily skin gal i am loving the matte finishes in both the primer and foundation, its long lasting, it has buildable coverage so you have a choice of what kind of finish you can have and theres 40 SHADES – that is absolutely amazing! so you are not limited for choice. The price is reasonable for the quality and amount of product you get. All i can say is if your a foundation enthusiast, you NEED this is your life – Go get it now!!

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Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer Review

Hey guys!

Everybody loves a good concealer and has particular things they always consider before purchasing one, it hopes it will be the perfect pick! The Shape Tape Concealer from Tarte is everywhere on the internet at the moment, you can’t miss it! So i thought a review of this concealer will help a lot of people decide if they want to fork out the money to buy it, or not!img_1953


Firstly the price is definitely on the more high end side retailing for $37US on the Tarte website. This may seem a little too much for some people for a concealer but i do feel you get a lot of product out of this as a little goes a long way!


The packaging is a simple plastic tube with a twist off lid and a doe foot applicator. Let me tell you, the doe foot applicator is HUGE! It does make it easy to get as much product as you need in one swipe for time poor gals, although i feel like i always end up with wayy too much product on mine and i constantly need to wipe the tip on the edge of the bottle other wise i end up wasting product because i have too much on my face and no amount of blending is going to camouflage that! Another thing that frustrates me about this packaging is that because too much product comes out and i wipe the excess on the tip of the bottle, i end up with concealer all over the twist section of the cap and to me that is such a waste of product. The packaging could be improved.img_1954img_1956


This concealer honestly applies like a dream! it is so creamy yet light on your skin, it does not look cakey what so ever yet still gives you full coverage. One thing i struggle with is creasing. Every concealer i use always creases within seconds and i can’t even get in quick enough with a setting powder before the creasing starts, but with the Shape Tape i honestly did not have this problem at all! I was really shocked at how well it sat on the skin without being set with a powder. This concealer also has a light floral scent which is really nice and refreshing while still not being over powering. I picked up the colour Light-Neutral and i found this perfect for my fair skin tone. I use a darker foundation when i fake tan and this still matched perfectly to my darker foundation as well.


I wear this every single day and let me tell you, this baby holds up SO well… its amazing, on my skin it does not crease,slide off, fade, nothing! it just stays perfect how it should be all day. I also applied some of this on my eyelids as i have prominent veins on my eyelids and then eyeshadow over the top of that and it did not effect my eyeshadows wear either which is great. When it comes to the wear of this i honestly have no complaints what so ever.


If your looking for a full coverage, build able, long wearing, non creasing concealer that you can also use for highlighting AND contouring, then i highly recommend picking this one up! Its totally worth the money and you get a lot of product. I have definitely found my new holy grail concealer! Tate have totally stepped up their game lately with their products and i can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Have a beautiful day!

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F O U N D A T I O N F I X: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

Good morning Beauties!

My second #foundationfix feature is the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation! This foundation is very popular in the makeup lover world so i feel its one worth reviewing.img_1925

Lets kick it off with what the Company claims this foundation will do for you: ‘This foundation has 21% pigment (wow), has a blend of siliconic elastomers and esters which bind the formula so your foundation is fade free.’

There really wasn’t too much on the website about this product other then what i just showed you which is weird, although this foundation is really hyped about its full coverage which explains why it boasts about 21% pigment.


This foundation comes in a plastic cylinder and has an airless chamber to avoid  contamination and helps to maintain the foundations consistency. I think the packaging is very nice, i believe Kat Von D designs all her own patterns in her makeup line which is pretty cool, and it adds a nice touch to her line. The bottle also comes with a little plastic lid which i recommend keeping as it prevents you from accidently pushing out product while its in your bag or suitcase etc.img_1935


This foundation is extremely thick, in saying that i believe you only need a small amount of product as the pigmentation is so full on that you wouldn’t want to go overboard and end up looking cake. I use about a pea size amount and only one layer is necessary to get full coverage with a beauty blender. If you prefer a sheer, natural or skin like foundation this one is not for you! It sets matte and does tend to look a little un-natural. I mainly reach for this if i am looking for flawless coverage for a special event, this foundation is not one  would wear on a daily basis personally. The foundation wears really well throughout the day, staying matte and does not fade or slide off so it is great when you are really relying on your foundation to last all day and night! I really like matte finishes so i do find this foundation to be flattering on my oily skin but only when used in a small amount, its easy to go overboard with this one!  See below for photos of the foundation on my skin and also with and without flash on my wrist.screenshot_20170130-142313


Without Flash


With Flash


I believe this foundation would be great for makeup artists to have in their kit for photo shoot makeup, or for anyone who loves a good matte, full coverage foundation. You get a great amount of product for the price considering how little you need to use. This product is also vegan. The only issue i have with this is it makes my skin break out like crazy! I am assuming it has something to do with the pigmentation as i normally don’t break out or if i do its no where near as bad as what it is with this foundation. I would recommend using this for special events or for occasions where you need your foundation to hold up through a long, hot day. I probably wouldn’t personally re purchase this as i just don’t use it enough! Have you tried this foundation? Whats your thoughts on it?

I hope you guys enjoyed my review, have a beautiful day!


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F O U N D A T I O N   F I X: Chi Chi Cosmetics Fabulous & Flawless Foundation review

Hey everyone! 

I am super excited to start doing a new series of posts for you guys which will focus only on foundation reviews! The new #foundationfix posts will give you in depth reviews of foundations that i try out which will include information like: the finish, the wear, the price, the colours etc etc. I cant wait to start this journey with you all and i hope you enjoy! Dont forget to give this post a like if you enjoy this sort of thing so i can keep bringing you content that you love! 

Lets get into it then!

So for our first #foundationfix feature i am reviewing the Chi Chi Cosmetics ‘Fabulous & Flawless Foundation’ you can purchase this foundation straight from chichicosmetics.com or they also sell it at Target and Myers. It retails for $29.95AU and they have 16 colours to choose from ranging from Ivory to Tanned. 

The website claims this foundation is “ultra light weight with medium coverage, long wearing and smudge proof while being super moisturising and hydrating.” 

I picked up the colour No. 2 ‘Fair’. One thing i did notice straight away was that i had to pick up a much lighter colour then i would normally reach for, i normally fall into the nude-neutral category, not fair! So the colours are quite dark and i feel like our pale beauties would struggle to find a shade to suit their skintone as the Fair shade would match my normal foundation tone. The foundation has a pump bottle which is great to keep your foundation clean and free from germs. I do find the pump a little tricky to use at times as it is not your standard pump. The product is in a frosted glass looking bottle which adds a little elegance to the appearance. 

I applied this over the top of smashbox photo finish primer and it applied quite smoothly, it is definitely a moustirising foundation you can feel it hydrating your skin as you apply it. This foundation also has a light floral scent which is not too overpowering but if you dont like scents thats one thing to look out for. I found with this foundation i got a medium coverage, which could also be worked up to a high-medium coverage. I still had some freckles/scarring showing through but nothing dramatic. See below for my before and afters. 

Before applying Fabulous & Flawless:

And After applying one thin layer of Fabulous and Flawless followed by touching up with the product where i felt i needed too. 

I found this product applied best with a flat top Kabuki brush. I did also apply one side with a beauty blender but it didnt give enough coverage and i felt like i wasted product doing it this way so brush is best! 

The foundation sat really nicely on my skin (i have large pores and oily skin with the occasional break outs) it did not make my pores look bigger or sink into them which is a must for any foundation i use. I would say this foundation has a satin type finish, i notoced a dewy glow to my skin while wesring this one. It did feel a little heavier on my skin then what i like due to the moisturising components and my skin also got oiler a lot quicker throughout the day but apart from that the coverage and the product held up for a full 10hrs. It did not become patchy even though my skin is more oily with this product which is good – nothing worse then patchy foundation! 

One big highlight for this product is that it looks super flattering in photos, my skin looked absolutely flawless in a photo i uploaded on Instagram featuring this foundation. It also does not have any flashback which is another plus.

 Check out the below photos for swatches of the Fair shade!

With Flash:

Overall im pretty impressed with this foundation, it gives great coverage and lives up to its word by hydrating the skin as well as giving medium coverage. It wont be one i reach for on a daily basis only because my skin is far too oily to wear something like this everyday but for the occasional day where i feel like having a nice glowing look, it will work perfectly! I am not the biggest fan of the pump they have used on the foundation and i also feel like the colour range could be improved but apart from those few things, for $30 its worth giving it a go! 

Thanks so much for reading guys, let me know if you enjoyed the first #foundationfix post and dont forget to check out my instagram page! Have a beautiful day!

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My top 5 ‘must haves’ for people just starting out their makeup collection


Starting your makeup collection can be an overwhelming experience. When you suddenly decide you want and need everything that exists in the world of makeup but you can’t afford it all at once or you can’t afford it full stop. I’m here to show you a few items I think are great for beginners in makeup, that you can get a lot of use out of. A good way to start is to buy one product each pay. This way you have something to look forward each pay day and you can slowly build your collection with items you actually like and will get use out of.
1. MAC lipstick in ‘Angel’

It seems when people first start their passion for makeup they always look to MAC cosmetics for things to buy. If you were to pick up one thing from MAC i would suggest getting a lipstick, they have many different colours and finishes. A great colour to begin with is Angel which is a nude baby pink. This colour suits everyone and can be worn with pretty much any makeup look, it can be dressed up and down for any occasion and is a cult favourite in the makeup world. 
2. Gerard Cosmetics colour your smile gloss in ‘Nude’

This lipgloss has great colour pigment and can be used with ANY lipstick colour or on its own. You can use this to change a lipstick colour to a lighter colour or change the colour completely and make your own. It’s so versatile and everyone can wear it. Once again this can be dressed up or down and paired with any make up look. There are many other beautiful and crazy colours in this range and they are great quality. Gerard cosmetics often has deals on their website where you can buy them in a bunch of 2,3 or 4 and it works out to be quite cheap so it’s best to buy them while these deals are on.

3.  Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

If your going to invest in one good high end foundation, this is the one to get. Double wear is a very popular foundation and for good reason. It is medium to full coverage, long lasting and has an almost perfect finish. Most people use this everyday but some, like myself save it for special occasions as it gives a flawless look and I find it can be a bit too much for everyday, but each to their own. A little goes a long way with this baby so it will last you forever!

4. Models Prefer highlighting and contouring palette

Contouring and highlighting is all the rage right now so of course this is a great thing to have in your collection so you can practice and play with it to try and master the art of contouring! (It’s not as hard as it seems trust me!) this palette is a more affordable version of the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. The quality is great and the powders are soft and buttery, there are different colours for different shades of skin. This palette can also be used as eye shadows too so it’s definitely great value for money.

5. Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Lastly we have the Urban Decay naked palettes. Here I have the naked 3 palette but really any of the naked palettes would be great to have while your starting out your makeup collection. They offer a great variety of everyday/evening eyeshadow colours and you can make endless eye looks with these palettes. The naked palettes have matte and shimmery shades. If you purchase one of these you won’t find the need to buy hundreds of individual eyeshadow colours so you do get your money’s worth here, they are also great for travel in this compact metal case. 
Well that’s my top 5 picks for starting your makeup collection. If you have these along with basic things like eyeliner. Mascara and blush then you will be set for a while until you can save up and buy more exciting things! Have fun makeup shopping!!
Thanks for reading

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REVIEW: L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation & Primer

Good morning Everyone!

Today I’m doing a quick review of the new L’Oreal Infallible matte foundation and primer. These products have quickly become very popular in the beauty world and I’m about to tell you why.


Let’s start with the Primer. It is a silicon based primer so it smooths out imperfections such as pores, wrinkles, fine lines etc. It is very soft on the skin and I feel even though it’s suppose to be matte, it does not make your skin feel dry which means a lot of different skin types will be able to use this and get the same effects from it. It creates the perfect base for the foundation making application quick and effortless. The primer retails for $29.95AU at Priceline which I think is a reasonable price considering you don’t need to use a lot at all to cover your whole face.. Believe me when I say a little goes a long way with this one! Thumbs up from me on this one!


Now for the foundation. This also retails for $29.95AU at Priceline which again is a great price for the amount of product you get as you only need to use a small amount of this also. The texture of this foundation is similar to a mousse foundation but a lot lighter, it doesn’t feel caked on and heavy when your wearing it which is great. The coverage this foundation gives you is amazing! It’s definitely medium to high coverage and it lasts all day long without budging. I have oily skin and I notice that it keeps my skin looking matte for majority of the day which is a big deal for me. I honestly don’t have one bad thing to say about this foundation, it’s amazing and I have been using it a lot since I purchased it, no regrets! 


Overall I am extremely happy with both the primer and the foundation, they work great together and with other products, they are very long lasting and affordable. 

Thanks for reading let me know what you thought of these products or if you want to try them below!

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*REVIEW* Australis AC On Tour Contour Kit

Hey Guys!
Hope your day is going well, today I’m bringing you guys a review of the brand new highly anticipated Australis AC on tour kit!
I have been waiting for this to arrive at Priceline for a little while and it finally turned up! I’m really excited to share this with you.

First of all this palette is obviously a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit (but better because it’s a fraction of the price!) at $16.95AU from Priceline this contour kit would be great for anyone just starting out in makeup or want to learn how to contour and highlight but don’t want to spend a fortune on products if you decide you dont want to continue contouring and highlighting after testing it out.

Another GREAT feature on this palette is that it has instructions on how to use it on the back, which is great for beginners as it shows step by step how to use it.

The palette contains 6 powders, 3 highlighting colours and 3 contouring colours. The only down side to this palette is that the contouring colour may be to dark for people with fair skin. I have medium toned skin and I feel the colours are almost to dark for me, but if I use them lightly they are fine.

(Top row – highlighters, Bottom row – contour)
The powders don’t have specific names they are just called “1,2,3,4,5,6”. The quality of the powders is great! They are beautiful and creamy I didn’t find them to be powdery at all and they applied and blended nicely on my face.


So for the highlighting colours – on the left we have a general highlighting colour, great for highlighting areas like your forehead bridge of your nose, chin etc. The middle colour is a yellow toned powder which is perfect for highlighting under your eyes, anything yellow toned is going to brighten your skin and let’s face it that’s what we all need under our eyes! The last colour on the right is a shimmery highlighter perfect for highlighting your cheek bones and your Cupid’s bow. This adds a healthy sheen to your skin so help your skin look dewy, healthy and youthful.


Here we have the contour colours. As you can see they are all quite dark and similar in colour, with these 3 you could use any of these for contouring your check bones, around your hairline,Malone the sides of your nose and anywhere else you feel the need to creat depth on your face. The one on the left is a warm chocolate toned brown, great for most skin tones. The middle colour is an ash toned brown, to me this is a tricky colour to work with for contouring but it might suit someone else’s skin tone perfectly! The third colour is a warm terracotta brown. This colour would be great for Summer as it is a really rich orange-brown.

Overall I LOVE this palette, it’s so affordable and would be a great present for someone just starting out in makeup or someone that’s building a makeup kit. Australis has been rocking it lately with the products they are bringing out! I am honestly excited to see what comes next.

-very affordable
-great quality
-has a step by step guide
-animal cruelty free
-variety of shades

– might not be suitable for fair skin toned people as the contour colours are quite dark.

Thanks for reading beauties x
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