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Liquid lipsticks are everywhere now, all the big beauty brands sell them and if  your looking to buy one..or two or three it can be hard to know where to start! Hopefully this is where i can help you by reviewing the NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks! If you want to know all about these lipsticks then keep reading!


P R I C E:

I purchased my liquid lipsticks from Priceline for $14.95AU, i feel like this is a reasonable price and a nice medium between high end and low end lipsticks. Although if you plan on buying the whole collection this could end up being a small fortune! You get 4ml’s of product in each tube.

P A C K A G I N G:

The lingerie liquid lipsticks come in simple packaging, not too bulky – perfect to fit into a small clutch or bag if need be. It has a wand applicator with a long, flat tip. Im not particularly a fan of the applicator as i have small undefined lips and without a point on the wand and it being so large i find it difficult to get the perfect lip with this, i end up going back with concealer to create a nice even “lip line”.

R A N G E:

This range is all about the more subtle, nude shades hense the name of the line! There are 24 shades all up ranging from pinky nudes, to peachy nudes to deep browns. There is definitely a nude for everyone in this range. I feel as though there is quite a good selection to pick from because they have those “in-between” colours that a lot of other brands don’t have! so i didn’t find my self having the usual dilemma of ‘oh i like that one but i wish it was bit lighter or a tad more peachy’.

W E A R:

I am pretty impressed with how these wear over the day! compared to some other brands of liquid lipsticks these are very lightweight on the lips and you only need one thin layer to get full colour payoff. If you do more then one layer it does tend to cake up and dry out so try not to layer it up if possible, also if you can’t stand the ‘dry’ feeling of matte liquid lipsticks i find patting on a light layer of lip balm before applying the lipstick   works really well to avoid that feeling without compromising the matte finish.


Top to Bottom: Lace Detail, Push Up, Bedtime Flirt, Embellishment, Exotic

O V E R A L L:

Overall i think these lipsticks are a great buy! The quality for the price is really good, you get a decent amount of product – they last a really long time and the colour range is great… 24 shades!? Its hard to resist buying every colour! There is definitely a shade for everyone in this range.

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Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer Review

Hey guys!

Everybody loves a good concealer and has particular things they always consider before purchasing one, it hopes it will be the perfect pick! The Shape Tape Concealer from Tarte is everywhere on the internet at the moment, you can’t miss it! So i thought a review of this concealer will help a lot of people decide if they want to fork out the money to buy it, or not!img_1953


Firstly the price is definitely on the more high end side retailing for $37US on the Tarte website. This may seem a little too much for some people for a concealer but i do feel you get a lot of product out of this as a little goes a long way!


The packaging is a simple plastic tube with a twist off lid and a doe foot applicator. Let me tell you, the doe foot applicator is HUGE! It does make it easy to get as much product as you need in one swipe for time poor gals, although i feel like i always end up with wayy too much product on mine and i constantly need to wipe the tip on the edge of the bottle other wise i end up wasting product because i have too much on my face and no amount of blending is going to camouflage that! Another thing that frustrates me about this packaging is that because too much product comes out and i wipe the excess on the tip of the bottle, i end up with concealer all over the twist section of the cap and to me that is such a waste of product. The packaging could be improved.img_1954img_1956


This concealer honestly applies like a dream! it is so creamy yet light on your skin, it does not look cakey what so ever yet still gives you full coverage. One thing i struggle with is creasing. Every concealer i use always creases within seconds and i can’t even get in quick enough with a setting powder before the creasing starts, but with the Shape Tape i honestly did not have this problem at all! I was really shocked at how well it sat on the skin without being set with a powder. This concealer also has a light floral scent which is really nice and refreshing while still not being over powering. I picked up the colour Light-Neutral and i found this perfect for my fair skin tone. I use a darker foundation when i fake tan and this still matched perfectly to my darker foundation as well.


I wear this every single day and let me tell you, this baby holds up SO well… its amazing, on my skin it does not crease,slide off, fade, nothing! it just stays perfect how it should be all day. I also applied some of this on my eyelids as i have prominent veins on my eyelids and then eyeshadow over the top of that and it did not effect my eyeshadows wear either which is great. When it comes to the wear of this i honestly have no complaints what so ever.


If your looking for a full coverage, build able, long wearing, non creasing concealer that you can also use for highlighting AND contouring, then i highly recommend picking this one up! Its totally worth the money and you get a lot of product. I have definitely found my new holy grail concealer! Tate have totally stepped up their game lately with their products and i can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Have a beautiful day!

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Hello Beauties! 

It has been a while! I do apologise for not posting anything for a good few months, to be honest I have been quite lazy after work but now I’m back and trying to get on top of things. So today I’m showing you something I am very excited about, my top 5 highlighters! Everyone loves a good highlight whether you have dry skin, oily skin or normal skin there’s a highlighter out there for you, you just need to find the right one for your skin. Highlighters come in all different textures and colours, there are soo many available on the market and hopefully showing you my top 5 can narrow it down a bit for you if your looking to start using a highlighter or you want to try a new one. Let’s get into it!

Let’s start off with Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illumination Creme ($36 US)

This Illuminator is a deep gold colour, it would suit most skin types especially medium to dark skin tones. It can be used in many different ways.. It can be used as a primer, a cream highlighter or on its own. You can also mix this with your foundation to give your foundation a dewy finish. What I love about this is that it’s not cakey on top of your foundation as a highlight on your cheek bones and where ever else you use it. It lasts all day and it feels light on your skin.  It has abut of glitter in it so if you really want to shine this is the one for you! Also, Gerard Cosmetics always have cheap bundle sales so keep an eye out for those because you can find this much cheaper in the bundles. I baught mine on the Gerard Cosmetics website.
Next we have Becca Cosmetics Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal ($60 AU)

I got this one off the Becca Cosmetics Website and I have to say it’s definitely worth purchasing this one. I was hesistant for a while to buy it because of the price because let’s face it – the average person doesn’t have $60 to blow on a highlighter on a regular basis, but I caved in and baught it and boy am I glad I did! A little goes a long way with this guy! You will send beams into space with this highlighter! It’s very intense but at the same time for a powder highlighter it blends seamlessly and doesn’t look powdery at all. It’s such a beautiful colour – light enough to highlights the areas it is applied to but dark enough to give you a golden glow and not wash you out. This ones great when your going out and want all eyes on you.

This one is the Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator ($14.95 AU)

Now let me just say this product will last you your whole entire life! It is the biggest tube of Illuminator I have ever seen and for $14.95 you can’t really go wrong with it! This Illuminator is great for anyone trying highlighting for the first time. It is affordable and very easy to work with, you just dab a few drops on your cheekbones, nose and cupidity bow and your good to go! This colour is ‘Angel Mist’ the range has 4 colours to choose from for all skin tones, I picked mine up from Priceline.

Next we have The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer ($34.95 AU) 

I baught mine of MYQT.com.au. This highlighter has been a favourite among beauty enthusiasts for a long time! It’s a beautiful champagne colour and it has a lot of shine. This one looks beautiful on mid tone skin colours. I always seem to reach back for this one every now and then it’s a staple in my collection.

Lastly we have Becca Cosmetics Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector ($66AU)

This is probably my favourite one of them all! It looks so beautiful and natural on everyone. It truely looks like your glowing from within. There is no glitter chunks in this so if you don’t like the overly glittery highlighters then this one is for you. It makes your skin look soft and dewy all day long. I have oily skin and I don’t find this product to make my skin look like a greasy pan although I only apply it to certain areas of my face. 
Well that’s my top 5 highlighters I hope you seen something you liked and want to try out they are all totally worth the money and I recommend them to everyone!

Have a beautiful day!

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*REVIEW* Australis AC On Tour Contour Kit

Hey Guys!
Hope your day is going well, today I’m bringing you guys a review of the brand new highly anticipated Australis AC on tour kit!
I have been waiting for this to arrive at Priceline for a little while and it finally turned up! I’m really excited to share this with you.

First of all this palette is obviously a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit (but better because it’s a fraction of the price!) at $16.95AU from Priceline this contour kit would be great for anyone just starting out in makeup or want to learn how to contour and highlight but don’t want to spend a fortune on products if you decide you dont want to continue contouring and highlighting after testing it out.

Another GREAT feature on this palette is that it has instructions on how to use it on the back, which is great for beginners as it shows step by step how to use it.

The palette contains 6 powders, 3 highlighting colours and 3 contouring colours. The only down side to this palette is that the contouring colour may be to dark for people with fair skin. I have medium toned skin and I feel the colours are almost to dark for me, but if I use them lightly they are fine.

(Top row – highlighters, Bottom row – contour)
The powders don’t have specific names they are just called “1,2,3,4,5,6”. The quality of the powders is great! They are beautiful and creamy I didn’t find them to be powdery at all and they applied and blended nicely on my face.


So for the highlighting colours – on the left we have a general highlighting colour, great for highlighting areas like your forehead bridge of your nose, chin etc. The middle colour is a yellow toned powder which is perfect for highlighting under your eyes, anything yellow toned is going to brighten your skin and let’s face it that’s what we all need under our eyes! The last colour on the right is a shimmery highlighter perfect for highlighting your cheek bones and your Cupid’s bow. This adds a healthy sheen to your skin so help your skin look dewy, healthy and youthful.


Here we have the contour colours. As you can see they are all quite dark and similar in colour, with these 3 you could use any of these for contouring your check bones, around your hairline,Malone the sides of your nose and anywhere else you feel the need to creat depth on your face. The one on the left is a warm chocolate toned brown, great for most skin tones. The middle colour is an ash toned brown, to me this is a tricky colour to work with for contouring but it might suit someone else’s skin tone perfectly! The third colour is a warm terracotta brown. This colour would be great for Summer as it is a really rich orange-brown.

Overall I LOVE this palette, it’s so affordable and would be a great present for someone just starting out in makeup or someone that’s building a makeup kit. Australis has been rocking it lately with the products they are bringing out! I am honestly excited to see what comes next.

-very affordable
-great quality
-has a step by step guide
-animal cruelty free
-variety of shades

– might not be suitable for fair skin toned people as the contour colours are quite dark.

Thanks for reading beauties x
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*REVIEW* The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky clean Scrub

Hey guys!!

Hope your having a fab week, Only one day until the weekend YAY!
Today I’m doing my first skincare product review for you, it’s The Body Shop’s Tea Tree squeaky clean scrub!


First of all let me tell you what it is. The squeaky clean scrub is a foaming face scrub that leaves your skin super duper clean and unclogs your pores. This scrub is made for people with oily and/or blemished skin. It has small exfoliating beads and also some even smaller little sand like particles too get in and give you a really decent scrub.



Tea Tree is a natural antibacterial, so it helps to stop pimples from getting worse and it also soothes the skin. The Body Shop source their Community fair trade Tea Tree from Kenya.

So before I used this scrub I was using Pro activ. I had no intentions of swapping my daily face wash, i only stumbled across this because I had run out of my Pro activ and thought I’d grab something to use while I wait to get my next lot of Pro activ. I had used it for years and it was the only thing that kept my skin clear. Finding this Tea Tree scrub was seriously one of the best things that has ever happened to me! It is AMAZING and puts Pro Activ to shame! I used this scrub for a week and my skin cleared up completely and my face has never looked so fresh and smooth. I get compliments all the time on how nice my skin looks (and trust me this is a big deal as I’ve all
Ways had terrible skin). It also has never dried my skin out and I use this daily. It’s recommended to use 2-3 times a week (if you have sensitive skin I do not recommend using it more then 2 times a week). It has a beautiful Tea Tree scent and it also has a cooling sensation on your face while you use it.



The packaging is simple and nice. I don’t have any complaints about it.

Overall I am extremely surprised and happy with this product! It is defiantly the BEST face scrub I have ever used, such a great cheaper, more effective alternative to Pro activ. I recommend anyone with blemished skin to go pick one of these up or ask the lovely staff at your local Body Shop to give you a sample to try for free.

My Verdict: 10/10

Have a lovely weekend!

❤ Glamoureyes

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REVIEW! M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Hey guys !

Today im going to give you a quick review of MAC’s studio fix powder plus foundation so lets start off with what MAC claims this foundation is/does:

“A one step application of foundation and powder. Gives skin a smooth, flawless, all matte, full coverage finish. Long wearing : lasts for up to 8 hours. The choice of Pro’s.”


I purchased this compact on the M.A.C website for $49AU. I was abit hesitant to buy this as i only use powders over liquid foundation for extra coverage and wasnt too hyped about the price for what it is, but i caved in and baught it.

So it is a powder foundation that can be used wet or dry which is pretty cool & convient for people looking to do a lighter day coverage & a heavy night coverage on the go. I have never used mine wet but all you have to do is take a spray bottle of water (or any kind of face mist) lightly spray your foundation brush, pat the brush into the product and then buff the powder into your skin with the brush. Doing it this way will give you a heavier more full coverage and you can build up the coverage by doing a few extra layers.


I picked up the colour NC20 which matched perfectly to my skin colour (good guess!)


In my opinion this foundation gave me a medium coverage – not quite full coverage and it left my skin feeling silky smooth with a nice flawless finish. It defentely helped keep my very oily skin under control for a longer period of time then my normal powder foundation does (loreal true match).


I didnt find it to be cakey on my face which is always good for a powder and it didnt stick to dry patches on my face. It does make my skin break out like crazy every single time i use it though. I tend not too reach for it for that reason.


Overall i am satisfied with this foundation. I think i expected alot more with all the hype around this product but it wasnt too bad ! If your just starting out in make up i dont think this product is a must have item in your collection.

– Kept my skin matte for longer
– Can use wet or dry
– non cakey on face

– Price ( for what it is i think you can find better for half the price!)
– breaks my skin out every single time i use it
– medium coverage not full coverage

I hope this review helped you guys decide if you want this product or not, leave a comment telling me what you thought of this foundation if you’ve used it! (:

❤ Glamoureyesx