Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer Review

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Everybody loves a good concealer and has particular things they always consider before purchasing one, it hopes it will be the perfect pick! The Shape Tape Concealer from Tarte is everywhere on the internet at the moment, you can’t miss it! So i thought a review of this concealer will help a lot of people decide if they want to fork out the money to buy it, or not!img_1953


Firstly the price is definitely on the more high end side retailing for $37US on the Tarte website. This may seem a little too much for some people for a concealer but i do feel you get a lot of product out of this as a little goes a long way!


The packaging is a simple plastic tube with a twist off lid and a doe foot applicator. Let me tell you, the doe foot applicator is HUGE! It does make it easy to get as much product as you need in one swipe for time poor gals, although i feel like i always end up with wayy too much product on mine and i constantly need to wipe the tip on the edge of the bottle other wise i end up wasting product because i have too much on my face and no amount of blending is going to camouflage that! Another thing that frustrates me about this packaging is that because too much product comes out and i wipe the excess on the tip of the bottle, i end up with concealer all over the twist section of the cap and to me that is such a waste of product. The packaging could be improved.img_1954img_1956


This concealer honestly applies like a dream! it is so creamy yet light on your skin, it does not look cakey what so ever yet still gives you full coverage. One thing i struggle with is creasing. Every concealer i use always creases within seconds and i can’t even get in quick enough with a setting powder before the creasing starts, but with the Shape Tape i honestly did not have this problem at all! I was really shocked at how well it sat on the skin without being set with a powder. This concealer also has a light floral scent which is really nice and refreshing while still not being over powering. I picked up the colour Light-Neutral and i found this perfect for my fair skin tone. I use a darker foundation when i fake tan and this still matched perfectly to my darker foundation as well.


I wear this every single day and let me tell you, this baby holds up SO well… its amazing, on my skin it does not crease,slide off, fade, nothing! it just stays perfect how it should be all day. I also applied some of this on my eyelids as i have prominent veins on my eyelids and then eyeshadow over the top of that and it did not effect my eyeshadows wear either which is great. When it comes to the wear of this i honestly have no complaints what so ever.


If your looking for a full coverage, build able, long wearing, non creasing concealer that you can also use for highlighting AND contouring, then i highly recommend picking this one up! Its totally worth the money and you get a lot of product. I have definitely found my new holy grail concealer! Tate have totally stepped up their game lately with their products and i can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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*REVIEW* The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky clean Scrub

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Today I’m doing my first skincare product review for you, it’s The Body Shop’s Tea Tree squeaky clean scrub!


First of all let me tell you what it is. The squeaky clean scrub is a foaming face scrub that leaves your skin super duper clean and unclogs your pores. This scrub is made for people with oily and/or blemished skin. It has small exfoliating beads and also some even smaller little sand like particles too get in and give you a really decent scrub.



Tea Tree is a natural antibacterial, so it helps to stop pimples from getting worse and it also soothes the skin. The Body Shop source their Community fair trade Tea Tree from Kenya.

So before I used this scrub I was using Pro activ. I had no intentions of swapping my daily face wash, i only stumbled across this because I had run out of my Pro activ and thought I’d grab something to use while I wait to get my next lot of Pro activ. I had used it for years and it was the only thing that kept my skin clear. Finding this Tea Tree scrub was seriously one of the best things that has ever happened to me! It is AMAZING and puts Pro Activ to shame! I used this scrub for a week and my skin cleared up completely and my face has never looked so fresh and smooth. I get compliments all the time on how nice my skin looks (and trust me this is a big deal as I’ve all
Ways had terrible skin). It also has never dried my skin out and I use this daily. It’s recommended to use 2-3 times a week (if you have sensitive skin I do not recommend using it more then 2 times a week). It has a beautiful Tea Tree scent and it also has a cooling sensation on your face while you use it.



The packaging is simple and nice. I don’t have any complaints about it.

Overall I am extremely surprised and happy with this product! It is defiantly the BEST face scrub I have ever used, such a great cheaper, more effective alternative to Pro activ. I recommend anyone with blemished skin to go pick one of these up or ask the lovely staff at your local Body Shop to give you a sample to try for free.

My Verdict: 10/10

Have a lovely weekend!

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*REVIEW* Whitening Lightning colour your smile lip glosses

Hey Guys!

Today I’m giving you a quick review of the famous Whitening Lightning lip glosses. These lip glosses have been raved about for a little while now and I finally bit the bullet and purchased some! I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I really was impressed.


Let’s start with the packaging.
Each lipgloss comes in a clear tube with a silver lid. They also have a mirror attached to the side, and a handy little light in the lid. Even though this is a great idea, I have never found my self trying to apply lip gloss in the dark and when I do apply the lip gloss I find the light can be a little bit annoying when your surroundings are already lit as it gets in the road.


They come in a variety of colours ranging from pinks,reds and corals to bright blue and black. So your defiantly going to find a shade you like!
Whitening Lightning also provides plenty of deals and bundles making it a lot cheaper to purchase (regular price is $38US). Also, a lot of you tubers tend to have discount codes for their subscribers to receive free shipping and sometimes up to 50% off, so if you do your research you can get these at an affordable price.

(Left to Right – Butter Cream, Pink Tiara, Coral Craze, Nude, Rose Hill)

I picked up the colours Butter cream, Pink Tiara, Coral Craze, Nude and Rose Hill. I find these glosses to be very smooth on the lips – not too sticky but enough to last on the lips for a good 4 hours or so before needing to reapply. They also seem to give your lips a slight tint when the lipgloss is no longer on your lips which is nice if you don’t get around to reapplying as soon as you had hoped. They don’t have a yucky taste and the smell is not too bad either (not nice but not terrible!)

– long lasting
– great colour selection
– has a light and mirror
– always have sales and discounts on the website

– packaging – one of my glosses literally fell apart when I first received it in the mail, you can tell the plastic packaging is cheap. I did see on the company’s Instagram that they have upgraded their packaging since I purchased mine and have also added a fragrance (thank god)

Overall I was impressed with these lip glosses and I will defiantly be purchasing some more!

My verdict: 8/10

Thanks for reading beauties, talk to you soon!

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