Australis Brow Tint VS. Maybelline Brow Drama

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I am a brow addict so using the best brow products means everything to me! So i thought today for something different i would do a mini comparison of two brands brow products that i have tried and tested and give you my honest opinion!

No 1. Australis Cosmetics Brow Tint in “Dark Brown”img_1897

First of all how cute is this packaging?! Its so tiny and retro i absolutely love it! The product comes in a tube with a spoolie attached to the lid which is a standard shape, nothing crazy – I prefer this as its easier to control and apply to your brows. This brow product has a tint of colour as the name suggests which helps fill in and even out your brows, this product is great for anyone with sparse brows. If used on its on you can still achieve a natural shade but if used with a brow powder underneath you can get a really polished off look. The brow tint also styles your brows as it is a gel consistency so it helps your brows stay on point all day long. This product is very buildable making it easy to achieve a darker colour if desired.


No 2. Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in “Medium Brown”img_1898

Maybelline’s brow drama is a popular product! I have seen this all over magazines and adds on TV. This product is used to sculpt and shape your brows. You can use this to achieve different looks ranging from perfectly blended brows to fierce fluffy brows. You can use the tip of the spoolie to ‘colour in’ your brows starting from the back end of your brow and working your way forward then use the straight part of the spoolie to comb back your brows into the perfect shape. I personally found the shape of this wand really hard to work with and i made a lot of mess around my brows as i only have fine, small brows.

The Verdict:

For me personally the Australis Brow Tint is the pick of the bunch, it is much easier to work with especially for beginners, and the colour pay off is great and can be built up if needed. I do not enjoy the fact that the Maybelline Brow Drama is so messy to use because of the wand, so i don’t tend to reach for it that often. It is a shame as the shades available are great and very natural looking but the wand just lets this one down.

Whats your favourite brow product of the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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REVIEW: L’Oreal Paris False Lash Wings Mascara

Good morning Beauties!

I swear every time i find my new favourite mascara the next one i try is even better! At the moment i am loving the L’Oreal Paris false lash wing mascara, it gives me the perfect lash length and volume every time! Before i used this i was a die hard fan of Maybelline Mascara’s (Maybelline is actually owned by L’Oreal so its pretty much L’Oreal’s cheaper sister brand!) I actually received a free goodie box at a Priceline conference i attended last year that had this mascara in it so i thought why not give it a go – it was free after all.


This mascara claims to lift and fan out your eyelashes and it does a great job of it! I believe its the brush that makes this mascara amazing. It has very small hard plastic bristles which separate your lashes and coats them evenly, making application a breeze. If you happen to get some on your eyelid it is extremely easy to remove unlike some other mascaras i have tried, simply get a cotton tip and twist it on top of the mascara and it should come right off!



I find this mascara lasts all day and well into the night without flaking or smudging and it also comes in a water proof option for people with watery eyes etc. The false lash wing mascara retails for $25.95AU at Priceline but keep an eye out for a good bargain as L’Oreal is always having massive sales!


  • easily accesible
  • gives lashes length and volume
  • fans lashes out to give the effect of falsh eyelashes
  • affordable
  • brush makes application easy


  • I seem to run out of product quite quickly


Well thats it guys, thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have an amazing day ❤


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