H O W T O: Platinum Blonde Hair at Home

Hey guys!

So the number one thing i get asked about or complimented on is my hair. Everyone is always asking how do you get it that colour? how do you keep it that colour? how do you stop brassiness? and my most viewed blog post is the one about maintaining ash blonde  hair! So i thought it was FINALLY time to show everyone a quick over view of what i do to get my hair this colour (If you would like a more detailed step by step guide, let me know in the comments below!). I will be doing a root touch up here as i have no need to re-colour the rest of my hair.


***DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional hairdresser and i do not recommend that you do this yourself as you may not get the same results shown here, this is just what i do personally and what works well for me, You should always seek advice from a professional for hair colouring.


OK SO, first off these are the products i use for this whole process:

  1. Creme developer 30 VOL
  2. Any WHITE OR CLEAR conditioner
  3. Fudge violet toning shampoo
  4. Blue Hi Lift powder bleachIMG_1807


Firstly i will show you a greasy before photo of my hair – its best for me to bleach on dirty hair so the natural oils build up and help to protect my hair through the bleaching process.IMG_1810

To make the hair bleach i mix the powder and developer in a 1:2 ratio, so i normally use 3 spoons of hi lift powder and 6 spoons of 30 vol creme developer. Mix this up and get to work right away as it doesn’t lift as well if left too long. It should have a creamy consistency.IMG_1817IMG_1819IMG_1821

Next i apply the mix straight to the hair i want to lighten, being careful not to overlap the already bleached hair to prevent unnecessary damage to my hair, once I’ve applied this to my whole head (on the uncoloured hair) i leave it in  for 30 minutes-45 minutes and wrap my head in foil to let the bleach do its thang and keep the heat in. I never leave it on longer then 1 hour. IMG_1823

After 30-45 minutes my hair looks like this:IMG_1828

The next step is to rinse all the bleach out, then i shampoo with any shampoo i have and DO NOT condition the hair, i then towel dry it to start the toning process. Here is what it looks like fresh after bleaching with no toner:IMG_1836

Then, i get my conditioner and pour out enough to generously coat all of my hair into my container and then about a 20c piece size amount of purple shampoo and mix it all together to make a lilac coloured toner! I then apply this to the roots the same way i did with the bleach mix and then use whatever is left over to put through my ends for a freshen up and condition! I leave this is for about half an hour.IMG_1831IMG_1842


And thats literally all i do! See below for the end result! I re-do this process every 6 weeks or so and have found this is what works best for me, normal toners are too harsh on my hair as it is so light and i dislike the grey/purple tinge they leave in my hair.IMG_184720170909437374272IMG_20170809_124348_893IMG_20170827_185920_257IMG_20170520_112019_980screenshot_20170427-205406.png

I hope that gave you an insight into how i get my hair this colour, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments, thank you so much for reading!! until next time ❤


INSTAGRAM: glamoureyesx

EMAIL: glamoureyesx@hotmail.com



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