REVIEW: Pure Paw Paw Ointment

Hey Beauties!

Everyone loves a good lip balm.. have you ever thought of using a Paw Paw Ointment instead? Paw paw Ointment locks in moisture by creating a barrier between your lips and the dry damaging wind! Check it out below..



As part of my morning/nighttime skincare routine i always use Paw paw ointment to keep my lips hydrated and to prevent cracking – nothing looks worse then lipstick on cracked, dry lips! I really like Pure Paw Paw’s ointment as it comes in super cute packaging that is slim and small so it fits perfect in any bag or your pocket.


They also come in a number of scents which includes, Watermelon (pictured above), Strawberry, Grape and Passionfruit. They all smell amazing so i cannot possibly pick a favourite.. i own them all! Overall i really enjoy using this product as part of my daily skincare routine, everyone should own a paw paw ointment as they can be used for many different things, its just handy to have around.

HOT TIP: To get your lips super silky smooth use a sugar lip scrub to remove dead dry skin and then apply Pure Paw Paw ointment before you to go bed, you will wake up with the perfect pout! I personally enjoy using the Lush Cosmetics lip scrubs!


Glamoureyes ❤

INSTAGRAM: @glamoureyesx



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