REVIEW: Clearasil Superfruits Toner

Hey guys!

Today i am bringing you a quick review of the Clearasil Superfruits refreshing Toner. Toner’s are an important step in everyones skincare routine that often gets over looked.

Why do i need a Toner?

When you cleanse your face with face wash, your skins PH becomes unbalanced. In order to balance the PH in your skin again you use a toner! It is also great to remove any excess dirt, oil or makeup you may have missed when cleansing your face so it really is an important step.


The down-low:

This product is very refreshing on the face just as the product claims it would be! It has a light, fresh fruit smell that makes you think of Summer and i love that! I have acne prone skin so its important that any products i use don’t break me out! The Clearasil brand is well known for its skin clearing products so i was not worried about this but incase your wondering, my skin looks amazing when i add this to my skincare routine! A little product goes a long way so i feel you would get a good 6 months at least out of this 200ml bottle. I really don’t have anything bad at all to say about this product – I love it!



Thanks for reading!

Glamoureyes ❤

INSTAGRAM: @glamoureyesx



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