REVIEW: L’Oreal Paris False Lash Wings Mascara

Good morning Beauties!

I swear every time i find my new favourite mascara the next one i try is even better! At the moment i am loving the L’Oreal Paris false lash wing mascara, it gives me the perfect lash length and volume every time! Before i used this i was a die hard fan of Maybelline Mascara’s (Maybelline is actually owned by L’Oreal so its pretty much L’Oreal’s cheaper sister brand!) I actually received a free goodie box at a Priceline conference i attended last year that had this mascara in it so i thought why not give it a go – it was free after all.


This mascara claims to lift and fan out your eyelashes and it does a great job of it! I believe its the brush that makes this mascara amazing. It has very small hard plastic bristles which separate your lashes and coats them evenly, making application a breeze. If you happen to get some on your eyelid it is extremely easy to remove unlike some other mascaras i have tried, simply get a cotton tip and twist it on top of the mascara and it should come right off!



I find this mascara lasts all day and well into the night without flaking or smudging and it also comes in a water proof option for people with watery eyes etc. The false lash wing mascara retails for $25.95AU at Priceline but keep an eye out for a good bargain as L’Oreal is always having massive sales!


  • easily accesible
  • gives lashes length and volume
  • fans lashes out to give the effect of falsh eyelashes
  • affordable
  • brush makes application easy


  • I seem to run out of product quite quickly


Well thats it guys, thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have an amazing day ❤


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