REVIEW: Australis Oh Hai Brow Kit

Hey guys!

Since Australia Day was on Tuesday i thought what better way to celebrate then to share with you one of my favourite products from an Aussie Brand! Im talking about the Oh Hai Brow Kit from Australis. If you follow my instagram account (@glamoureyesx) then you would already know that i use this for pretty much every single makeup look i do. Let me show you why this is a holy grail product for me!



This brow kit is so cheap! compared to products like the Revlon brow pencil and the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade the Australis brow kit is great value for money retailing at 16.99AU at Priceline. You can find Australis at Big W, Priceline and on the Australis online store.


As you can see the packaging is a black plastic container which is nice and sturdy. On the back Australis has provided you with nice little instructions on how to use this kit complete with diagrams! Perfect for someone not confident at filling in brows. Inside you get a light brow powder, a dark brow powder, a highlight powder, a brown wax, a double sided application brush, a set of tweezers and a mirror, so you literally have everything you need in this kit! I also have one of these in my makeup kit as it has the different brow powder colours so its great to use on all different people!




This is hands down one of the smoothest brow powders i have ever used. Every time i decide to try something new to get out of my comfort zone i only end up disappointed. Im not sure what Australis puts in this stuff – but its magical! It lasts all day and i get compliments all the time on my brows. You can apply it with a light hand for a natural look or apply it with a heavy hand for a dramatic look – this product is very versatile. Also did i mention Australis is an Animal Cruelty Free Brand? So you don’t have to feel guilty about using this one!

Overall this product is great! I honestly don’t have one bad thing to say about it. Run out to the shops and grab this one ASAP – you need this in your life.

Thank you so much for reading my review, let me know below if you have used this and what your thoughts are. Have a beautiful day ❤


INSTAGRAM: @glamoureyesx





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