REVIEW: Nude Dude Palette from The Balm

Good morning everyone!

It is so incredibly hot where i live today.. day #4 of crazy heat wave! So obviously theres no better way to bare the heat then sitting in the aircon doing a review for you guys. I received the Nude Dude Palette for christmas and i believe i have used it enough now to give you a quick review!


Firstly i just want to mention how cute this packaging is! I have always been a fan of the packaging the Balm uses. It is very unique and different from most other brands so it really makes them stand out. The Nude Dude palette has 12 eyeshadows and it has a lot of neutral shades. There are 4 matte shades and 8 shimmery shades. My favourite colour would have to be ‘Flirty’.  It is a light purple/mauve shade with gold reflect.IMG_1620.JPG

The Palette also comes with a small double ended brush (i missplaced mine) and a mirror on the lid, which makes this palette great for travel. This palette was purchased from Target in Australia for $49.99AU.

The quality of these shadows are amazing! They are extremely pigmented and they last all day with a good eyeshadow primer. I believe i will get use out of all these colours as they are very easy to wear being mostly natural shades. This palette would be suitable for most people making it perfect for a gift.

Overall i LOVE this palette and highly recommend it to everyone. It is great quality and reasonably priced. Thanks so much for reading, i will leave you now with a couple of close ups of the colours!

Have a beautiful day!





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