My Top 10 Makeup Brushes

Hello Beauties!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year. Today i thought i would show you my top 10 favourite makeup brushes and tell you what i love about each of them and why i think any make up lover can use these brushes in their basic makeup kit or for personal use. I have owned these brushes for about 3 years and they are still in great condition. I also use a lot of brushes that are multi-purpose so you can save a lot of money as you don’t have to buy 50 different brushes. Lets get into it!

1.Flat top Kabuki brushIMG_1596.JPG

This is my all time favourite brush! I can make pretty much anyone look a million dollars with this brush. It is a very compact brush which blends and buffs foundation into the skin perfectly making everything look flawless and giving a nice coverage. The best way to use this one is to first apply foundation with a flat foundation brush and then buff with the flat kabuki or, just use it on its own (i do this!).

2. Large Powder BrushIMG_1597

A big puffy soft brush that can be used for all sorts of things. Obviously this brush is meant for applying powders, especially loose powders but it can also be used in replacement of a blush brush if you don’t have one handy, you can use this to lightly sweep any fallout from eyeshadow off clients faces and another great use for this brush is for applying bronzer. I use this mainly for applying mineral powders/finishing powders.

3. Large angled Contour BrushIMG_1598

While you don’t necessarily need an angled contour brush, its handy to have! I actually use this brush mainly for blush application as it gives me a perfect soft blended look every time, i never mess it up even with heavy colours. You can use this brush to contour your cheek bones and other areas of your face as well (I use a flat contour brush for this instead but this angled contour brush is perfect as well!). Its great to have brushes that you can use for multiple things so you really get your monies worth out of them.

4. Setting BrushIMG_1599

This is another one of my absolute favourites – i own 4 of them! I use this brush for everything; Highlighting, contouring, eyeshadow blending, setting under eye powder etc. I highly recommend this brush to everyone because its just so good for so many things. It fits into the under eye and inner corner of the eye perfectly for setting Concealer in this area so i use it daily for that. It Applies highlighter perfectly to cheek bones giving you that ‘highlight on point’ look, we all want to look like an instagram model don’t we?!

5. Eye Shading BrushIMG_1601

This eye shading brush is great for applying base colour eyeshadows or any eye shadow colour thats going all over the lid. Its super soft so it applies product smoothly and evenly, they do say if you have the right brushes you can make anything look good and that rule really does apply for this brush!

6. Tapered Blending BrushIMG_1600

All hail the crease queen! This brush is perfect for applying your crease/transition shade. I use this when I’m in a rush but still want to have a hot eye look as it applies product to a large area so it makes your job really easy and it takes half the time to get your eye makeup done. Great one for beginners.

7. Pencil BrushIMG_1602

I use this little beauty for applying very precise eyeshadow in the crease area. It takes a little longer to apply with this as it only covers a small area but it is great for blending! I also use this under the brow for highlight and for smudging out eye shadow under the eye.

8. Small Angled BrushIMG_1607

Angled brushes are perfect for eyebrows! I use this to fill in brows with a pressed eyebrow powder it gives me the perfect shape every time with no mistakes!

9. Concealer BrushIMG_1605

This one is obvious – you use this brush to apply concealer. It can also be used as a lip brush too! This is an essential brush as everyone can use it whether it be for covering blemishes or highlighting the under eye area with a liquid concealer.

10. Angled Brush #2IMG_1604

Now i know i already have another angled brush in my top 10 but this one is a wee bit different! It is a lot thinner then the first one making it perfect for applying liquid/gel eyeliner. Another awesome little trick you can do with this brush is use it to apply black/brown eyeshadow as eyeliner to give a more natural look that isn’t too harsh (if your not a fan of the full on look liquid eyeliner can give).

Thats it for my top 10 make up brushes guys! I hope you found this useful in assisting your makeup brush purchases. I mainly use Sigma brushes and Real Technique brushes but most brands have decent brushes so start off small if you need to, find what brushes work best for you and use those. I would love to know what your favourite brushes are if you have any, let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading!


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