REVIEW: Essence Cosmetics Lipstick

Hello Beauties!

Today i thought i would do a quick review of Essences long lasting Lipstick. These lipsticks are so cheap and the quality is actually pretty good. I am a big fan of the brand Essence as they offer a wide range of makeup for great price! A lot of people walk straight past the stand thinking its childrens play makeup but its not.. i like to think of it as a hidden treasure because once you find it you want more and more!


Colours: They have a large range of colours in their lipsticks ranging from nudes to deep plum colours and pastels, my favourites are their pinks. Essence are constantly bringing out limited edition ranges with new exciting colours that are up to date with the current lipstick trends which is great because you can rely on them to have hot new colours when you want them!

Price:  Its amazing! I buy mine from Priceline in Aus, it costs $4.70AU per lipstick which is so cheap! (well known drug store brand lipsticks range from $16.95AU-$21.95AU)

Quality: I find for the price of these the quality is actually really good! For me they last most of the day when you wear them with a lip liner, and i sometimes touch up after lunch.

Essence Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Essence Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Essence Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Essence Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Overall i think these lipsticks are well worth purchasing! These lipsticks would be ideal for anyone just starting out there makeup collection or anyone who only has a few dollars left after paying all the bills because they are so affordable and are a great place to start with lipsticks.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!


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