REVIEW: Maybelline Sensational lash Mascara

If your on Instagram you would have seen this mascara 100 times in your feed and for good reason.

Today I’m giving you a quick review of this mascara and an overall rating out of 10. So let’s gets started!! 

First of all how cute is the packaging!? I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and I’m the type of person who would buy something just because it looks nice on the shelf.  So the bottle gets a tick from me!

Next the formula, I think this mascara is great! It makes your lashes super long but not clumpy and fake looking, it lasts all day without smudging or anything like that. I feel it takes a long time to use up this product a little goes a long way. 

The brush is very unique, it offers a small bristle side that separates your lashes and evenly coats them and then the long bristled side is to lengthen your lashes. This method of applying the mascara is very effective and I feel each side of the brush does what Maybelline claims it does. The brush is also curved offering a perfect fit for your eyelid.
Overall I am extremely happy with this mascara. I’m usually quite picky and I have my favourites but this one is definitely up there in my top 3. It retails for $19.95AU At Priceline in Australis which is the average price for mascara in Aus so no complaints there. I’m so happy I found this one and I recommend it to everyone.

I give this mascara 8/10

Thanks for reading I hope you have an amazing day 





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