HOW TO: Maintain Ash blonde hair

Hello beauties!

I recently dyed my hair from bright fire truck red to white ash blonde (see photos on my Instagram @Glamoureyesx) and I have been trying different products to cancel out the yellow/orange tones in my hair – every blondes worst nightmare! I found 5 products which I currently use that seem to maintain my ashen locks without having to bleach or damage my hair.. I thought it would be a great idea to share these products with you as I know a lot of people can be confused about all the products out there or they can’t find something to work for themselves.. This is what works for me and hopefully may work for you too, let’s have a look!


First off is the Fudge clean blonde violet toning shampoo $19.99AU Priceline

Anyone and everyone with blonde hair knows this shampoo. It’s definitely a holy grail product for every blonde. This bad boy pretty much does the same thing as a purple toner. I use this about 2 times a week with my normal shampoo. You don’t need much about a 10c piece size will do, I suggest not using this on your hair straight after you have bleached it as it can sometimes turn your hair a lilac shade (but don’t worry it fades after your next wash or two!) I usually leave it on my hair for about 3 minutes before I rinse it out to help neutralise any yellow in my hair and it works a treat! It is a very dark purple almost black coloured shampoo but once it foams the colour lightens so don’t be scared of it.

Next is the John Freida sheer blonde colour renew tone correcting shampoo $17.99AU Priceline

That is a mouthful! This shampoo is great for everyday use. It is a light purple colour so this will not stain your hair whatsoever. It smells really nice and makes your hair feel nice and healthy. I recommend this for anyone with light blonde, ash blonde or white hair. There is a conditioner for this shampoo as well but I find the conditioners for blonde hair unnecessary. I prefer to use a Redken or Joico conditioner instead to help repair my hair.


Another favourite of mine is the Edward Beale leave in conditioner for blonde hair 7.99AU Priceline

This is just simply a purple leave in conditioning spray. You put it in after you get out of the shower and leave it in your hair. It helps to condition your hair just that extra little bit and it also tones your hair too.


Next is Tigi bed head dumb blonde toning protection spray 16.99AU EBay

This is a heat protection spray, you just use it before you blow dry or straighten your hair and once again it. Is purple so it helps to get rid of yellow tones. Pretty simple!

Lastly we have the Wella colorcharm toner in T18 Lightest Ash Blonde $10.99AU EBay

This toner is amazing!! I only use this every 4-6 weeks when I touch up my roots and it makes my hair the perfect shade of blonde. It gets rid of all the yellow in my hair and it lasts for a long time. You mix this with a 30vol developer, apply it to your hair and leave it in for up to 30 minutes. I’ve tried many purple toners and this one is definitely the best. Although you use a developer with this toner I don’t feel my hair is badly damaged afterwards which is great. I highly recommend this one. They have a number of different colours to pick from too!


Well that’s all the products I use to maintain my ash blonde hair. As you can see all of the products I use have a purple tint to them so I feel that the consistent use of purple products really helps keep my hair in top nick. All of these products are really affordable and easy to access for most people. 

I hope this helped you out in making your decisions on what products to buy, don’t forget to click the little star if you liked this post thank you so much for reading! 

Talk to you all again soon! 



❤️INSTAGRAM: @glamoureyesx


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