*Essano Rosehip Oil VS. Sukin Facial Treatment Oil*

Hey guys! 

We are all curious in the world of facial oils but these days there are so many to pick from it can quickly become overwhelming. Today I thought I would do a comparison between two facial oils I have tried and give you my honest opinion on them. Keep in mind I have oily acne prone skin. Just because you have oily skin that doesn’t mean you can’t use facial oils! If anything it’s more of a reason for you to use an oil because the more oil you put back in to you skin after you wash your face, the less oil your skin will produce so don’t be scared to try it out (I promise you it’s worth while doing so!) 


Competitor No. 1 – SUKIN FACIAL TREATMENT OIL 25ML $19.99AU (www.priceline.com.au)

This facial oil is packed full of goodies! It boasts a rich blend of ingredients including Rosehip oil, Maracuja oil, Argan oil and Jojoba oil. Each of these oils play an important role in this treatment oil. Argan oil revitalises your skins complexion and helps prevent signs of ageing. Maracuja oil and Rosehip oil brighten and soften your skin giving you youthful, plump skin and Jojoba oil helps to lock moisture in your skin to keep it supple and smooth. It is recommended to apply this oil morning and night. I personally LOVE this oil, it makes my skin feel moisturised and soft  and I know I’m doing something good for my skin by using this product. I only use this at night as I do have oily skin so I feel it to be too much for my face throughout the day. Although my skin is oily this product does not make it any oiler and it also does not make my skin break out in acne, which is something a lot of people are afraid of with oils. The only thing I dislike about this is that it occasionally makes me get small black heads on my forehead but it’s nothing major and it’s one of those things you can only notice if your really looking for something to pick at!  


Competitor No. 2 – ROSEHIP OIL BY ESSANO WITH ACAI BERRY ANTIOXIDANT 20ml $19.99 (www.priceline.com.au)

Rosehip oil is very popular among a lot of skincare enthusiasts and for good reason! Rosehip oil reduces the appearance of fine lines, scare, stretch marks and sun damage. That’s a lot of things for one product to claim to do! A lot of people swear by Rosehip oil, Essano’s being a favourite. It has a very light, non greasy feeling and it is quickly absorbed into the skin. It is recommended to apply this oil morning and night for best results. This oil did not break my skin out or give me black heads but strangly enough it made my skin very dry. I have oily skin and I like to do what I can to reduce the amount of oil on my face but I felt this dried out my skin too much! (I never thought I would say that about my skin!) Rosehip oil is known to be a dryer oil so that obviously has something to do with it. I am still able to use this oil when I mix it with Tarte cosmetics Maracuja oil which helps add a bit of moisture. Everyone’s skin is different thighs and this may react completely different with your skin type. Both of the oils featured today have a dropper for application which is standard with most oils.


Drum roll please!! The winner is SUKIN facial treatment oil!

This oil is just amazing, It is an essential part of my daily skincare routine. It has the Rosehip oil in it as well as plenty of other good oils – what’s not to love! Anytime my skin is feeling rough or dry I smother my face in this stuff, it feels so nice on your ski. And not greasy at all. For $20 you can’t go wrong. I hope this helped you in your search for an awesome facial oil! 

Let me know if you have used these oils beforeand what your thoughts on them are, or if you use something else let me know what it is below! 
Have a beautiful day!


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