Hello Beauties! 

It has been a while! I do apologise for not posting anything for a good few months, to be honest I have been quite lazy after work but now I’m back and trying to get on top of things. So today I’m showing you something I am very excited about, my top 5 highlighters! Everyone loves a good highlight whether you have dry skin, oily skin or normal skin there’s a highlighter out there for you, you just need to find the right one for your skin. Highlighters come in all different textures and colours, there are soo many available on the market and hopefully showing you my top 5 can narrow it down a bit for you if your looking to start using a highlighter or you want to try a new one. Let’s get into it!

Let’s start off with Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illumination Creme ($36 US)

This Illuminator is a deep gold colour, it would suit most skin types especially medium to dark skin tones. It can be used in many different ways.. It can be used as a primer, a cream highlighter or on its own. You can also mix this with your foundation to give your foundation a dewy finish. What I love about this is that it’s not cakey on top of your foundation as a highlight on your cheek bones and where ever else you use it. It lasts all day and it feels light on your skin.  It has abut of glitter in it so if you really want to shine this is the one for you! Also, Gerard Cosmetics always have cheap bundle sales so keep an eye out for those because you can find this much cheaper in the bundles. I baught mine on the Gerard Cosmetics website.
Next we have Becca Cosmetics Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal ($60 AU)

I got this one off the Becca Cosmetics Website and I have to say it’s definitely worth purchasing this one. I was hesistant for a while to buy it because of the price because let’s face it – the average person doesn’t have $60 to blow on a highlighter on a regular basis, but I caved in and baught it and boy am I glad I did! A little goes a long way with this guy! You will send beams into space with this highlighter! It’s very intense but at the same time for a powder highlighter it blends seamlessly and doesn’t look powdery at all. It’s such a beautiful colour – light enough to highlights the areas it is applied to but dark enough to give you a golden glow and not wash you out. This ones great when your going out and want all eyes on you.

This one is the Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator ($14.95 AU)

Now let me just say this product will last you your whole entire life! It is the biggest tube of Illuminator I have ever seen and for $14.95 you can’t really go wrong with it! This Illuminator is great for anyone trying highlighting for the first time. It is affordable and very easy to work with, you just dab a few drops on your cheekbones, nose and cupidity bow and your good to go! This colour is ‘Angel Mist’ the range has 4 colours to choose from for all skin tones, I picked mine up from Priceline.

Next we have The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer ($34.95 AU) 

I baught mine of MYQT.com.au. This highlighter has been a favourite among beauty enthusiasts for a long time! It’s a beautiful champagne colour and it has a lot of shine. This one looks beautiful on mid tone skin colours. I always seem to reach back for this one every now and then it’s a staple in my collection.

Lastly we have Becca Cosmetics Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector ($66AU)

This is probably my favourite one of them all! It looks so beautiful and natural on everyone. It truely looks like your glowing from within. There is no glitter chunks in this so if you don’t like the overly glittery highlighters then this one is for you. It makes your skin look soft and dewy all day long. I have oily skin and I don’t find this product to make my skin look like a greasy pan although I only apply it to certain areas of my face. 
Well that’s my top 5 highlighters I hope you seen something you liked and want to try out they are all totally worth the money and I recommend them to everyone!

Have a beautiful day!

❤️ Glamoureyesx

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