*REVIEW* Australis AC On Tour Contour Kit

Hey Guys!
Hope your day is going well, today I’m bringing you guys a review of the brand new highly anticipated Australis AC on tour kit!
I have been waiting for this to arrive at Priceline for a little while and it finally turned up! I’m really excited to share this with you.

First of all this palette is obviously a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit (but better because it’s a fraction of the price!) at $16.95AU from Priceline this contour kit would be great for anyone just starting out in makeup or want to learn how to contour and highlight but don’t want to spend a fortune on products if you decide you dont want to continue contouring and highlighting after testing it out.

Another GREAT feature on this palette is that it has instructions on how to use it on the back, which is great for beginners as it shows step by step how to use it.

The palette contains 6 powders, 3 highlighting colours and 3 contouring colours. The only down side to this palette is that the contouring colour may be to dark for people with fair skin. I have medium toned skin and I feel the colours are almost to dark for me, but if I use them lightly they are fine.

(Top row – highlighters, Bottom row – contour)
The powders don’t have specific names they are just called “1,2,3,4,5,6”. The quality of the powders is great! They are beautiful and creamy I didn’t find them to be powdery at all and they applied and blended nicely on my face.


So for the highlighting colours – on the left we have a general highlighting colour, great for highlighting areas like your forehead bridge of your nose, chin etc. The middle colour is a yellow toned powder which is perfect for highlighting under your eyes, anything yellow toned is going to brighten your skin and let’s face it that’s what we all need under our eyes! The last colour on the right is a shimmery highlighter perfect for highlighting your cheek bones and your Cupid’s bow. This adds a healthy sheen to your skin so help your skin look dewy, healthy and youthful.


Here we have the contour colours. As you can see they are all quite dark and similar in colour, with these 3 you could use any of these for contouring your check bones, around your hairline,Malone the sides of your nose and anywhere else you feel the need to creat depth on your face. The one on the left is a warm chocolate toned brown, great for most skin tones. The middle colour is an ash toned brown, to me this is a tricky colour to work with for contouring but it might suit someone else’s skin tone perfectly! The third colour is a warm terracotta brown. This colour would be great for Summer as it is a really rich orange-brown.

Overall I LOVE this palette, it’s so affordable and would be a great present for someone just starting out in makeup or someone that’s building a makeup kit. Australis has been rocking it lately with the products they are bringing out! I am honestly excited to see what comes next.

-very affordable
-great quality
-has a step by step guide
-animal cruelty free
-variety of shades

– might not be suitable for fair skin toned people as the contour colours are quite dark.

Thanks for reading beauties x
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