REVIEW! Australis AC/ME Metallic Finish Eyeshadows

Good morning Beauties ❤️
Long time no posts! I have been so busy with work the past few months as I started a new job at Priceline (absolutely love it!) and I haven’t had much time to do some reviews, but I’m here now and today I’m bringing you a quick review on the Australis metallic finish eye shadows! If you guys haven’t picked these up yet…. You need too!


These gems are a creamy, foil like eyeshadow. If you love all that glitters you will need these in your life. They are a great cheaper alternative to the stila magnificent metals eye shadows. I picked mine up from Priceline for 7.95 which I thought was a great price for the quality of these eye shadows.


The metallic foil finish eye shadows come in 3 different colours. I love the colours they have but it would have been great to see a couple more colours in the range like a metallic red, blue,pink or silver just to mix it up a bit. These colours probably won’t suit everyone but they are so different and it may be something that’s been missing from your eyeshadow collection! They have a beautiful creamy texture which makes them glide perfectly onto your eyelid. I found these extremely easy to work with and they blend perfectly. I set mine with a light dusting of translucent face powder just so they didn’t crease throughout the day and this worked very well.

First we have ‘Plum Diddy’ which is a black eye shadow with red glitter specks in it. A very pretty vampy colour, I only wish it had a bit more red in it as when I wear it, it looks completely black. Still, this is a great colour to wear out or to a concert.

Next we have ‘Bronzonce’ which as the name suggests is a light bronze colour. This is probably the most normal looking colour out of the 3. Very shiny so if you want an eyeshadow that’s going to catch the light and draw attention to your eyes, this would be the one to do that. This would look great on blue eyes.

Last but not least we have my favourite colour from the collection, ‘Jay Zed’. This is a beautiful golden khaki colour. That’s the best way to describe it! It’s so different to anything I own and every time I wear this colour I get so many compliments. I thought this would be the one I liked the least but boy was i wrong. If there was one colour I would suggest to pick up it would be this one.

Overall I think the eye shadows have a great long lasting formula and offer a different variety of colours. The price is amazing for what you get. I highly recommend you guys to try one or two of these eye shadows!

– different colours
– great price
– long lasting
– nice texture
– easy to work with

– more colours would have been nice

Have you tried these bad boys yet? What’s your favourite colour?
Have a great weekend guys!!

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