*REVIEW* The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky clean Scrub

Hey guys!!

Hope your having a fab week, Only one day until the weekend YAY!
Today I’m doing my first skincare product review for you, it’s The Body Shop’s Tea Tree squeaky clean scrub!


First of all let me tell you what it is. The squeaky clean scrub is a foaming face scrub that leaves your skin super duper clean and unclogs your pores. This scrub is made for people with oily and/or blemished skin. It has small exfoliating beads and also some even smaller little sand like particles too get in and give you a really decent scrub.



Tea Tree is a natural antibacterial, so it helps to stop pimples from getting worse and it also soothes the skin. The Body Shop source their Community fair trade Tea Tree from Kenya.

So before I used this scrub I was using Pro activ. I had no intentions of swapping my daily face wash, i only stumbled across this because I had run out of my Pro activ and thought I’d grab something to use while I wait to get my next lot of Pro activ. I had used it for years and it was the only thing that kept my skin clear. Finding this Tea Tree scrub was seriously one of the best things that has ever happened to me! It is AMAZING and puts Pro Activ to shame! I used this scrub for a week and my skin cleared up completely and my face has never looked so fresh and smooth. I get compliments all the time on how nice my skin looks (and trust me this is a big deal as I’ve all
Ways had terrible skin). It also has never dried my skin out and I use this daily. It’s recommended to use 2-3 times a week (if you have sensitive skin I do not recommend using it more then 2 times a week). It has a beautiful Tea Tree scent and it also has a cooling sensation on your face while you use it.



The packaging is simple and nice. I don’t have any complaints about it.

Overall I am extremely surprised and happy with this product! It is defiantly the BEST face scrub I have ever used, such a great cheaper, more effective alternative to Pro activ. I recommend anyone with blemished skin to go pick one of these up or ask the lovely staff at your local Body Shop to give you a sample to try for free.

My Verdict: 10/10

Have a lovely weekend!

❤ Glamoureyes

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