*REVIEW* Whitening Lightning colour your smile lip glosses

Hey Guys!

Today I’m giving you a quick review of the famous Whitening Lightning lip glosses. These lip glosses have been raved about for a little while now and I finally bit the bullet and purchased some! I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I really was impressed.


Let’s start with the packaging.
Each lipgloss comes in a clear tube with a silver lid. They also have a mirror attached to the side, and a handy little light in the lid. Even though this is a great idea, I have never found my self trying to apply lip gloss in the dark and when I do apply the lip gloss I find the light can be a little bit annoying when your surroundings are already lit as it gets in the road.


They come in a variety of colours ranging from pinks,reds and corals to bright blue and black. So your defiantly going to find a shade you like!
Whitening Lightning also provides plenty of deals and bundles making it a lot cheaper to purchase (regular price is $38US). Also, a lot of you tubers tend to have discount codes for their subscribers to receive free shipping and sometimes up to 50% off, so if you do your research you can get these at an affordable price.

(Left to Right – Butter Cream, Pink Tiara, Coral Craze, Nude, Rose Hill)

I picked up the colours Butter cream, Pink Tiara, Coral Craze, Nude and Rose Hill. I find these glosses to be very smooth on the lips – not too sticky but enough to last on the lips for a good 4 hours or so before needing to reapply. They also seem to give your lips a slight tint when the lipgloss is no longer on your lips which is nice if you don’t get around to reapplying as soon as you had hoped. They don’t have a yucky taste and the smell is not too bad either (not nice but not terrible!)

– long lasting
– great colour selection
– has a light and mirror
– always have sales and discounts on the website

– packaging – one of my glosses literally fell apart when I first received it in the mail, you can tell the plastic packaging is cheap. I did see on the company’s Instagram that they have upgraded their packaging since I purchased mine and have also added a fragrance (thank god)

Overall I was impressed with these lip glosses and I will defiantly be purchasing some more!

My verdict: 8/10

Thanks for reading beauties, talk to you soon!

❤ Glamoureyes

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