Bourjois Velvet matte lip cream review

Hello Lovlies !

Im really excited to kick off my beauty blog with a review of the new Bourjois Rouge Edition velvet matte lip creams!

The range has 8 colours in total with most of those being reds and pinks (and a nude). They are described as a lip cream that has a velvety matte finish.

Colours :

’01’ Personne Ne Rouge (Dark Red)

’02’ Frambourjoise (Pink Red)

’03’ Hot Pepper (Orange Red)

’04’ Peach Club (Peachy Nude)

’05’ Ole’ Flamingo! (pink)

’06’ Pink Pong! (Blue based bright pink)

’07’ Nude-Is (Nude)

’08’ Grand Cru (Dark Red)

Tthe thing that first drew my eye to these gorgeous lip creams was the vibrant bright packaging. Now im a sucker for anything that has nice packaging and i couldnt take my eye off these.

One problem i did have with the packaging was the plastic that it comes wrapped in, it seemed to literally stick to the actual product itself making it very difficult to remove. you can see in the photo the plastic bits still stuck to some parts of the lip cream.

I picked up two colours – 03 Hot Pepper & 06 Pink Pong!

These two are some of the brighter colours of the range, i was very interested to see what the colour pay off would be like, and not to my suprise they are AMAZING!

The pigment in these lip creams are heavenly. You only need one coat to get a nice even colour, they do feel velvety on the lips and dry off to a nice matte finish that doesnt feel drying. They also stayed on my lips when i had something to eat & drink which is what every woman wants!

without flash (top colour 03 Hot pepper, bottom colour 06 Pink Pong!)

with Flash (top colour 03 Hot Pepper, bottom colour 06 Pink Pong!)

The only thing i was dissapointed with was that the red is more of an orange red when on the lips or when swatched on hand where as in the tube it looks to be true red. Although it may look better with a red lip liner underneath so its nothing that cant be fixed!


-Easy application

– not drying

– long lasting colour

– bright vibrant colours avaliable


– not enough colours in the range, they could use some more nudes and darker colours

– price is a little high ($24)

i purchased these lip creams at Priceline in Australia.

Overall im really impressed with this line ! im so glad i caved in and decided to buy these babies and i cant wait to get more colours. they are already a staple in my make up collection.

let me know what you think of these lip creams if you have some, or what colours you would like to try.

Thanks For reading (:


Purchase the velvet lip creams here:


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